Limited Bonfire Tees avilable.

Sizes availble are Small Medium Large 


The model is wearing a medium size.

This Tee comes in 3 sizes. 

Sizes : Small | Medium | Large

Color: White

Fabric Content: Cotton 100%

Care Instructions: Hand Wash 


Fill the sink with lukewarm, soapy water and place in the shirt. While you can wash multiple items at once, you probably shouldn’t try for more than three or four minutes, depending on the size of the sink. Gently rub each garment to loosen any dirt. Let soak for 10 to 30 minutes, then rinse with cool water.


Gently squeeze out excess water without wringing. If a shirt is really wet, roll it carefully inside a towel. Hang dry on a padded hanger or a velvet hanger. Never use wire or plastic hangers as they can ruin the shape of your clothes.


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