William McIntosh gives you a Street Boxed Silhouette with this Denim and Silk Box T-shirt made from Cotton and Dupriai Silk fabric. This Box T-shirt is comfortable, Travel ready and easy to style. Pair it with a William McIntosh dressTrourser or Jeans to create a Uptown Street ready look.


The Model is wearing a Medium size.

This Box T-Shirt comes in one size. 

Sizes :Medium 

Color:Blue/ Mixed color

Fabric Content: Cotton 100%/ Silk 100%

Care Instructions:

Fill a large basin or bowl with lukewarm or cold water to submerge the silk.

Add a few drops of gentle detergent to the basin of water.

Let the silk soak for about 3 minutes to let the soap interact with it.

Rinse the silk with cold water.Absorb the excess moisture with a towel.

Hang it to dry.

Iron on low to medium heat or steam. Do not bleach.