This Collection of Box T-Shirts was created to explore the concept of shape in its simplest form. 

Working around the silhouette, I decided  to use a fabric that would allow me to drape and construct a box-like shape in fit and design. Also being inspired by Pantone color theory, I created my own colour  chip that represents a very street and adventurous lifestyle...

This collection explores the lucid state, where there is a heightened perception of color and shape. While the “Caribbean Island” and “New York Urban’ imagery is juxtaposed, the simple interdependency of colour and shape continues to underlie and resonate in each design.

Art Starts off as wanderlust and ends in dollars-Reshape.

~ william McIntosh~


This collection was designed by William McIntosh in East Trinidad W.I. 




Imran Stephen

Rael Luvi

Luigi Creese


Khadeen Herbert

Damian Joseph

Dominic Davis

Kaleed Sanois

William The Wolf

Reuben Brongg