Imagine that you can bask in the stillness.

To sit in silence and be aware of everything around you at that moment.

Inspiration is all around us.


Innovators can break boundaries and change the course of human lifestyles.


See what I see.

Not to judge but to see yourself in me. 

Now imagine your inspiration becoming a completed picture without knowing how it came to be or the stages in which the design was forged.

Jumping into a reverie of chaotic color,

sound and words never knowing what will happen next.






William McIntosh is a contemporary streetwear fashion brand. This revolutionary line of clothing is inspired by wanderlust, natural aesthetic and a diverse array of socio-cultural connections.. All of these

elements conspire to create collections that tell a story of a street-wise yet trendy adventurer.


From tall palm trees swaying in a cool breeze and waves crashing upon white sandy beaches,

to monumental skyscrapers and man-made marvels...the physical environment serves as the

one of the catalysts for William’s most innovative collections. 


The story of this brand is creatively influenced by the customs and lifestyles of many communities, coming together to produce eclectic pieces. William McIntosh is a statement of exploration, energy and exquisite design. 


This brand emotionally captivates consumers and awakens nostalgia for times not yet experienced. This is menswear that is infused with youthful vibrancy, while still maintaining elements of classic design.


William McIntosh creates a uniquely intimate connection between designer and community, a connection that can only occur when you experience a brand whose very concept not only connects with the body but also with the heart.



William McIntosh was born in Brooklyn, New York before he migrated to Trinidad when he was two years old. At a young age, William exhibited a strong-willed and spirited personality, and an interest for taking things apart and rebuilding them. At nineteen, he opened his own clothing store which catered to the teenage audience, consisting mainly of American urban wear. It was during this business venture, that William noticed a significant lack of diversity in Caribbean fashion. He then decided to design and manufacture his own line of clothing when he saw a demand for tasteful and unique pieces that would revolutionize local clothing trends.



Possessing a distinct eye for color, texture and detail, much of William's inspiration is fueled by his travels and exposure to various cultures. His experiences lead him to create new and vibrant pieces for the free spirited individual, creating clothing that embodies the spirit of a 'true rolling stone.’



In 2014, William's outstanding work earned him the opportunity to style recording artist and lead vocalist of Kees The Band, Kes Dieffenthaller, for the launch of his "Endless Summer" campaign. Working with Kes opened a new door for William as a fashion stylist and designer. He was later contacted by Olatunji Yearwood's management to design and style the artist for his "Ola" campaign. This particular venture became William’s biggest accomplishment to date. William designed and produced the exquisite wardrobe worn by Olatunji and his dancers for the International Groovy Soca Monarch Competition 2015. Having successfully styled Olatunji, William made his mark on the fashion industry through his unique aesthetic.